Falcon’s principal interests are located in two major underexplored basins in Australia and South Africa and further interests in Hungary, covering approximately 12.3 million gross acres in total. The following table summarises the interest held:

Assets (Country)Interest (%)OperatorStatusArea (km2)
EP*-76 (Beetaloo Basin, Northern Territory, Australia)22.5OriginExploration1,891.30
EP*-98 (Beetaloo Basin, Northern Territory, Australia)22.5OriginExploration10,316.00
EP*-117 (Beetaloo Basin, Northern Territory, Australia)22.5OriginExploration6,412.00
Technical Cooperation Permit, (Karoo Basin, South Africa)100FalconTCP30,327.90
Makó Production Licence (Makó Trough, Hungary)100TXMProduction994.6
* Exploration permit (“EP”)

Beetaloo Basin, Australia

  • 4.6 million gross acres (1 million net acres) onshore in the Beetaloo Basin, Australia
  • Three exploration permits granted in 2005 and 2006
  • Farm-Out with Origin and Sasol completed in August 2014
  • Commencement of a nine well exploration and appraisal programme in 2015
  • Notification of Discovery announced in October 2016
  • Material gas resource announced in February 2017
  • Origin acquired Sasol’s 35% interest in May 2017
  • Acceleration of exploration and appraisal drilling programme into Stage 2 in August 2018
  • Exploration and appraisal activities re-commenced in 2019

Karoo Basin, South Africa

  • 7.5 million acres onshore Karoo Basin, South Africa
  • Highly competitive, strategic location
  • Technical Cooperation Permit granted 2009, Exploration License pending

Makó Trough, Hungary

  • 245,775 acres in the Mako Trough, Central Pannonian Basin, Hungary
  • 35-year Production License granted May 21, 2007